Blog submissions ARE NOW OPEN!!!

As always, it's free to submit, but be sure to read through our submission guidelines thoroughly.

We want to thank all of the talented creators who submitted to our first four issues, and invite you to submit more to The Borfski Blog.

We publish poetry, short stories, lyrics, articles, reviews, photos, art, and music compositions. However, we are open to bizarre queries. The Borfski Press welcomes art of all kinds and is a place to say what you want. We believe in the first amendment and want to hear the good shit, so don’t hold back. That said, please, NO racist, discriminating, hateful, or religious material. The Borfski Press accepts work by both emerging and established artists. Above all else: keep writing and creating.

As always, it’s free to submit, but be sure to read through our submission guidelines thoroughly.

We’re looking for quarantined videos of songs, poetry/story readings, a video or description of a piece of art you’ve done, but feel free to continue to send us poetry, prose, and art to feature. That said, we are likely to accept material that has some media in it! Send us something creative and we’d love to take a look and possibly feature it.

Selected blog pitches will be featured on our website, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. Same deal as before, you own your work but we reserve the right to post and feature accepted works on our website and socials. For now, we cannot pay our contributors for their work. As much as Dagney and I would like to, it’s just not in the cards at the moment. We appreciate your patience, consideration, and creativity. 

Include a brief (3-5 sentence) bio, contact information, and an optional head shot and/or cover art. Bio and headshot/cover art will be published with your work if it is accepted.

If you follow our general guidelines and rules for the blog, your work will be read and considered. If you fail to meet these guidelines your work will not be read or accepted. These instructions help lessen the inevitable chaos of our submission process. 

Not sure if your work will fit our magazine? Take a look at the work featured on our website and first three issues. Still not sure? Submit anyways! The worst we will say is no thanks and you've got nothing to lose. Don't be lame. 

The Borfski Press